Station Info

What’s on Channel 22?
RioVision channel 22 is the Public & Educational Access Station and 
has been providing residents with an outlet to produce their own television shows since 2007. Along with local Rio Rancho programming, you can also see information related to local events and news. In addition, classic films and television shows that have gone into public domain, can be seen daily on RioVision 22. 
Library and other community events are displayed on RioVision 22.
What’s on Channel 15?
RioVision channel 15 is the Government Access Station, recording live city meetings that include; Rio Rancho Governing Body, Parks and Recreation, Planning and Zoning and Utilities meetings. In 
addition, Governing Body work sessions, budget hearings and other special meetings are recorded are can be seen by CableOne subscribers throughout Rio Rancho on RioVision channel 15. Rio Rancho City meetings, recorded by RioVision, are streamed to the city's website and replays of each meeting can be seen daily on RioVision 15. All pre-recorded 
meetings can be viewed by going to the city’s website. 

Other government information can also be found on RioVision 15. City Council information, including name, district and contact email is available. All city department contact information and school/city closures can also be found on RioVision channel 15. Library and other community events are displayed on RioVision 15.

Station Programming 
RioVision 22 accepts programming through local Rio Rancho residents who have taken the RioVision Producer Class and are currently certified. Programming is also accepted from public access producers who currently run their material on other public access stations, or government agencies. Signed documents, taking full responsibility for the program are required before any outside programming runs on RioVision 22. RioVision TV is responsible for broadcasting the program once, any other air time can be decided by the station at any point. Any modifications in the channel schedule are subject to change, without notice.

Program Censorship
RioVision 15 & 22 does not screen or censor material produced through the public or government agencies. If material is unsuitable for younger audiences the program can be broadcast at a later time in the evening. Such material is required to be disclosed when you sign the documents, taking full responsibility  for the material.

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